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Switching From Joomla to WordPress

I’m a big fan of Joomla. It’s great for building informational sites and thanks to an extensive extensions library¬†low-level web apps, or prototypes, are well within scope of use as well. When I first...

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Frustrated with Open Source

The problem is not open source as a whole, the problem is with the way I’m trying to use it. I stand my belief that products like Joomla and WordPress are phenominal systems for...

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Is Google Broken?

Recently a friend approached me for help on a project. A large wholesaler of home improvement products suddenly woke up to the world of the Internet. It’s an exciting project; the wholesaler wants to...

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About LaunchRiot

LaunchRiot is a series of articles on entrepreneurship, web development, web design, startups and more. It’s advice, from someone who needs it.