Sprites For 3rd Party Extensions



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  1. Dan Farrelly says:

    Thanks for the post Avi! You’re right, this shouldn’t have slipped through the cracks. Today, we’ve just released extension version 2.7.3 which brings in new icon along side other various improvements! https://bufferapp.com/extensions

    For some additional background on the sprite: the old Twitter timelines used to have different color buttons depending on that user’s profile settings. We used the old “inverted sprite” with the Buffer icon as the transparent part to cope with this. I’ve just changed the icon to be more like the one you presented above! It’s definitely a fun challenge to stay up to keep up to date with the design changes on Twitter and other sites. Thanks for the support :)

  2. Avi says:

    Thanks, Dan! I just got the newest version and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the super fast response and I appreciate the background info. I figured it was a matter of Twitter changing their design.

    ( Side note, seems like I had to delete the old version to get the new one, probably a Chrome issue, not a Buffer issue. Just thought you should know in case it comes up.)

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